Monday, April 27, 2009

Vista Dome

25 photos stitched together for an interior shot of Vista House. Click for a larger view.

Had a few comments yesterday asking to see a shot of the Columbia River Gorge. Would you believe that I don't have a decent shot of the gorge? Sorry! Gives me an excuse to go back.


  1. Oh, and if you want Vista House in your shot of the gorge just go on up the road and a bit west to the nearest park/rest area place. It's an awesome view!

  2. Wow! An impressive architecture!

    Happy WW.

  3. It's huge and spacious :)
    It will be nice if you have an interior like that for a home...hehehe

  4. This is fabulous work! Great job!

  5. Beautiful structure! I love the ceiling,looks like leather.
    Good work !