Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Summer Jump

A joyful jump into the ocean surf. This photo sums up our Labor Day weekend -- a memorable trip down the beautiful Oregon coast with plenty of stops at beaches along the way. Ahhhhhh.... summer. Please don't let it end.

P.S. If you haven't heard already, Google has released a beta version of Picasa 3.

  • Need a super easy way to manage your pile of digital photos?
  • Want to make some simple retouching without learning (or spending money on) Photoshop?
  • Want a easy way to upload photos to your Blogger posts?

Picasa is worth the price -- FREE.

To answer your questions in advance:

  • Yes, I use Picasa. Every cotton-pickin' day.
  • No, I don't use it for photo editing, but I do think it's good for the average person (I use Photoshop).
  • No, I don't worship at the altar of the omnipotent, omniscient Google -- even though I'm suckered in by all their freebies.
  • Yes, Google will take over the world. But at least I'll have my photos in tidy little folders when they do.


  1. That's a great shot! It's sad that summer is over soon..Mine is HERE if you have a time! Thanks!

  2. I agree with Yen. Indeed an excellent shot! I love the colors...

    Thank you for sharing. Happy WW!

  3. Great photo - definitely a long-term keeper.

    I use Picasa2 and I love it -- thanks for the tip about Picasa3. I'll check it out right away.

    Happy WW.

  4. I also use Picasa 3 daily, mostly for editing.I also like Picnik.