Tuesday, August 26, 2008


A trio of Taiko drums from this weekend's Oregon Symphony in the Neighborhoods festival just down the street. There's just so much to do in the city. Makes me happy.


  1. I love the perspective you used in this picture. Am I strange that I like this is a beautiful shot?

  2. Very nice angle! This is one well captured picture!

    Here are my Wordless Wednesday entries:
    Jenn Was Here and Embracing Myself. Please feel free to visit when you have the time. Happy Wednesday!

  3. I can almost hear those drums. Interesting choice for WW.

  4. The repetition of drum after drum goes well. How did you get that shot from a parade, stand in the street with it?

  5. Ryanne: No you are not strange. Or if you are, then so am I. Come to think of it... maybe I'm a bad measuring stick to use. 'Cos I'm pretty strange.

    But I love this photo!
    - Mojo