Wednesday, July 9, 2008


If you followed the KATU link from the other day, you've already seen this shot. Snapped it to accompany a web article my wife wrote for a local TV station's website. Turned out well enough to post it here too and save it for posterity.

I'm thinking this bike should be bronzed after it's been passed down through all our kids. Lot of memories attached to it already with two not-so-little guys learning to ride on their own. Not quite there with the younger one--but he's completely worn through one set of training wheels until they're nothing but nubs.


  1. very nice shot, rich colors, love your wordless wednesday

  2. it amazes me how people can get such great photos.. great job!

    happy wordless thursday.

    Check out my entry here:

    Do you remember the days??

    Thanks for visiting.

  3. When we were young, my big brother took apart my bike and put it back together again. He had parts left over! =8^0


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