Monday, May 19, 2008

Feathered Blue

Any birders out there? I was lucky enough to catch this guy on film, but I haven't a clue what kind of bird he is. Taken at the Chinese Classical Garden in downtown Portland--such a peaceful, natural oasis in the midst of urban glass and steel.


  1. What a beauty. Well done. I have never taken a good picture of a bird, so I appreciate good ones like this one all the more.

  2. Your bird is a Scrub Jay, one of two similar sized blue birds we have in Oregon. The other is a Steller Jay which we have here in LAnglois, along the coast. They usually don't mix, by the way!

    Beautiful picture.

  3. Nice photo of a Western Scrub-jay

  4. what a beautiful bird! and i love the idea of an oasis in the midst of urban glass and steel.

  5. Yeah, that would be a Scrub Jay, hangs out in Oregon, but not with the Stellar Jay.

    OK, so I totally copied off of Matawheeze's paper. Detention, I know.

    Very cool pic of a pretty bird!