Saturday, April 12, 2008

Swingin' and Smilin'

This girl is the smilingest thing I think I've ever seen. She lights up like that at the smallest thing, even something as simple as someone looking her way for a moment. I have a feeling she'll get through life just on her charm.

Credit goes to the Ma for this pic.


  1. I agree that she has got a smile that lights up the world :) Wonderful capture of her on the swing!

  2. what an AWESOME picture. nice work ma!

  3. What a great shot! You really got her at the right time. Reminds me of a little one I know, and I have the same feeling about her, that she'll go far in life.

  4. What a great picture...she is a smiling girl, its so contagious!

    Great shot Ma!