Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Come Sit With Me

A park bench down the street.

When I'm in public places, I sometimes wonder just how many other people have sat right where I'm sitting, or have stood and looked at the very thing I'm looking at. What were they doing there? What troublesome and happy thoughts were rumbling through their head?

I'll never know them, but for a moment we've shared a connection.


  1. i like the lines and textures in this - very nice.

    happy ww.

  2. Lovely lines and the light falls beautifully too.
    I have written a poem on a Park bench !!

    The picture (with the poem) is of the muse !It is a Park bench in the Singapore Botanical Gardens.

  3. Very nice lines, great shot...Thanks for sharing...Happy WW.
    Mine is up Let's Laugh Together