Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Iron Curls

Curly Q's from an iron door near Burnside and 1st Avenue in Portland.

When I'm out and about with my camera, I'll snap a picture of almost anything. It's not uncommon for me to return with 200-300 shots from just a brief outing. Then as I'm sorting back through photos weeks later, I'll re-discover a nice shot that I had forgotten about. This is one example.


  1. I love your pictures. They're such art.
    When you come back from an hour with 2 or 300 pictures... how do you have time to go through them? How do you decide which ones are good?
    I can never pare down my photos enough and I'm drowning in how many I have!

  2. Krista --

    It doesn't take as long as you might think to go through 200-300 photos. I use Google's free Picasa software to manage my photos, which speeds things up considerably. Picasa also makes it extremely easy to blog your photos too.

    I browse through my old photos when I'm looking for pics to post. While I'm at it, I'll delete a few too. At last count, I had over 30,000 pics on my external hard drive. That's about a year's worth.

    I try to judge a photo by my gut feeling and keep the ones that have visual interest to me. I don't necessarily consider a shot to be bad just because it is too dark or too light--that stuff can often be salvaged in Photoshop.