Thursday, January 24, 2008

"Where Was I?" Contest #1 - Circles in Soft Light

You're certainly on the right track! Congrats to those who are throwing in some guesses in the "Where Was I?" Contest. Being the generous guy that I am, I'll answer both questions that were submitted today.

Is it a museum? Nope.
Is it a home decor store? Yes. And no. There's a lot of places where you could buy something to decorate your home, but this place isn't necessarily dedicated entirely to that purpose.

Any more questions?

I predict that we're going to have a winner by the end of the week! Don't miss your chance for a FREE 5x7!


  1. so does that mean not one person has guessed the correct answer, yet? You're killing me here. I'm all out of guesses!

  2. Here are my final guess? Is this cheating?

    Crate and Barrel
    Pottery Barn