Saturday, January 26, 2008

"Where Was I?" Contest #1 - Candlelit Pattern

And the winner is. . . Oh, I'm such a softie. I can't bear to disappoint such vigilant contest participants, so I'm giving FREE 5x7 prints to all three people who guessed correctly the single location where all of this week's photos were taken.

The correct answer? Target! I didn't plan to take photos there, but I make sure I always have my camera with me. Sure enough their World Market section was an irresistable place to shoot around for a few minutes. Just goes to show ya that photo opportunities are everywhere if you take the time to look--and have your camera with you.

So congrats to Tina, Julie, and Mary. Pick out any photo from the Crossmark archives and e-mail me (nathan-at-crossmarkdesign-dot-com) the title along with your preference of glossy or matte finish. Thanks for playing!

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