Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"Where Was I?" Contest #1 - Bronze Lady

No correct guesses in the "Where Was I?" contest so far. All the artsy photos this week were taken in the same place. Guess the place and you'll win a FREE 5x7 photo of your choice from the Crossmark archives.

To add to yesterday's hint, not only is this place pretty well known by its name, but there's probably one near you. There's at least one in 47 of the 50 states. Toss a guess in the pile, then stay tuned for more hints!


  1. I may not get more than one guess, but I want that Bike Photo!!!!! I just realized all the photos were from the same place.

    Hobby Lobby?

  2. Keeping with the RESTAURANT theme, I am going to say P.F.CHANG'S!!! Did I mention that I'm hungry?!


  3. P.F. Chang's? I don't even know you but that's a great guess!